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while helping women look and feel beautiful.

Tan Beautiful for a Healthy Glow

Exceed your customers’ expectations with Tan Beautiful Organic Bronzing Certification and Premium Professional Products

When you’re searching for a spray tanning certification, don’t just think of yourself – think of your clients. This goes way beyond what most people are willing to consider. The SUCCESSFUL spray tan technicians know choosing the BEST professional products for their clients matters. They know their future business depends on delivering safe, healthy, streak-free, sunkissed glows time and time again.

Why us?

I have been implementing the application techniques and marketing suggestions from the course and I'm over the moon. I have had my first $13,000 month. This is life changing.

Odette P, Calgary AB.

Tan Beautiful Organic Spray Tan Course

Odette P, Calgary AB.

I have been implementing the application techniques and marketing suggestions from the course and I'm over the moon. I have had my first $13,000 month. This is life changing.
I didn't even know what a spray tan was until I met Angela at an event. I can honestly say I did a ton of research and I absolutely recommend this course!!!! Best decision I made.

Madison A, Saskatoon, SK

Tan Beautiful Organic Spray Tan Course

Madison A, Saskatoon, SK

I didn't even know what a spray tan was until I met Angela at an event. I can honestly say I did a ton of research and I absolutely recommend this course!!!! Best decision I made.
I chose to pursue a course with Tan Beautiful because my life was a plateau. I wanted to make a better income but I had no idea how. I was so scared I would stay at this level forever. I'm so confident in my work due to the rich training I received. I now see 15-20 clients per day.

Jennifer S, Calgary AB

Tan Beautiful Organic Spray Tan Course

Jennifer S, Calgary AB

I chose to pursue a course with Tan Beautiful because my life was a plateau. I wanted to make a better income but I had no idea how. I was so scared I would stay at this level forever. I'm so confident in my work due to the rich training I received. I now see 15-20 clients per day.
Tan Beautiful Organic Spray Tan Course

Do you:

  • Live and breathe the beauty and luxury industry but feel uninspired by the typical rates your average spa employee makes?
  • Love the idea of making people feel beautiful and confident while enjoying a generous income in a career you’re truly passionate about?
  • Think of yourself as a self-starter who wants to learn from the best and work with top-quality products?

We totally get it!

You’ve got


Tan woman lying on the beach

If you’re like many of our successful students, you:

  • Have spent years working in the beauty and style industry, or always wanted to.

  • Love the rewards that come with making people look and feel their best, but you intuitively feel like you haven’t reached your full potential.

  • Long to run your own business but aren’t sure where to start.

  • Want to upgrade into the luxury market and learn how to target your services to a more upscale clientele base.

  • Want to connect with other entrepreneurs who have the same high-end goals you do, inspiring each other to live your best life; both personally and occupationally.

Every woman’s story has a beginning.

What’s yours?

Work Whenever You Choose

while providing luxury organic bronzing services to clients who are happy to invest in themselves and willing to seek out a professional and luxurious sun-kissed glow. You’ll benefit from a generous income, flexible hours and work in one of the beauty industry’s most in-demand niche markets.

Build a Highly-Successful Beauty Business

 with a full schedule of clients, no matter where you live. Attract clients that are committed to investing in themselves and seek out luxurious experiences that allow them to look and feel gorgeous. Enjoy meaningful work and the flexibility to live life on your terms, all while growing your skill set and becoming the empowered entrepreneur you were meant to be.

Ready to start building your luxury beauty business and empowering clients?


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Here’s what you can expect from our Online Certified Tan Beautiful Organic Bronzing Course:

We know you’re a busy professional who appreciates the ability to learn and get certified quickly. This is why our course format includes everything you need to know, and nothing that you don’t. It’s easy-to-follow and designed for the on-the-go professional like you.

Unlike many companies who require you to pay exorbitant fees for lengthy courses that are taught by people with little experience, we offer you the opportunity to train quickly and easily, obtaining your certification in as little as 5 hours while in the hands of a true expert.


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Ready to learn?

Here’s what you can expect from the curriculum, designed by our award-winning, Tan Beautiful experts who bring a combined 13 years of experience in the beauty industry.


Module 1: Expert Spray Tan Solutions

Elixirs! Learn why elixirs must be infused with specific ingredients to truly deliver a flawless spray tan. An optimal spray tan is as much about art as it is about science. Here you’ll learn the details about how elixirs interact with specific ingredients to bring out flawless, natural-looking colour. A science-based understanding of your products gives you more control over your application and ultimately, the results.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • Which chemically-based ingredients to be wary of and how they affect the skin.
  • How your body naturally responds to various organic ingredients.
  • Why a quality elixir is the backbone of your client’s experience.

Module 2: Customized Bronzing

Learn the must-have skills to develop a customized solution for your clients that will up your luxury tanning game and establish you as a true artisan. The knowledge and care you are able to put into each session will allow you to establish meaningful connections with your clientele and give them the opportunity to see the difference a Tan Beautiful certified professional makes.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • The two benefits to using a cosmetic bronzer with your application.
  • The main difference between a cosmetic bronzer and self-developing solution.
  • How long it takes a self-developing solution to develop.

Module 3: Skin Interactions

Understand the base tones of solutions and how they interact with various skin types and shades. Again, understanding the science behind spray tan applications is what will truly bring your game to the next level, allowing you to deliver an unparalleled service that your average tanning salon simply can’t.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • Whether your client’s natural complexion is “warm” or “cool”.
  • What happens if your base solution is not formatted to your client’s natural complexion.
  • The two colour bases to use in order to achieve a flawless and natural looking tan.


Module 4: Professional Application Techniques

Learn expert techniques for providing a long-lasting spray tan that lasts 7-11 days. The secrets behind an artful spray tan are revealed, including high-end techniques that allow you to work with every body type to deliver a durable, flawless colour that lasts nearly two weeks.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • The basic rules of contouring, which can help accentuate certain body parts and offers a slimming effect.
  • Step-by-step video tutorials on how to spray your client in each of the five sections, using long, smooth strokes.
  • Tips and tricks needed in order to ensure your client is adequately prepped for their session.


Module 5: Understanding DHA

Understand the properties of DHA, the active ingredient in tanning solutions. DHA is a naturally-occurring component in the human body and this is where you’ll learn about its benefits and the role it plays in tanning solutions. Remember, knowledge is power!

In this module you’ll learn:

  • The mystery of DHA.
  • How DHA affects the skin.
  • Where DHA comes from.

Module 6: Priming Elixirs

Learn how spray primers work and how they affect results. Discover how some primer solutions “block” the spray tan from developing, while others enhance it beautifully. Our vegan and organic primers contain natural properties that compliment tan solutions and bring out that effortless glow. In this module you’ll learn how these natural properties work, and how they help deliver a tan that’s always natural-looking.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • The main difference between a priming elixir and other elixirs.
  • How priming elixirs work.
  • How to apply a priming elixir and how using it can help expand your client base when used properly.

Module 7: Anti-Aging Elixirs

Take your tan application to the next level by learning how these types of elixirs can smooth out fine lines and imperfections after the spray tan has absorbed. What’s better than a sultry, natural-looking caramel glow? One that also fights signs of aging by plumping and smoothing skin, minimizing pores and helping retain elasticity. Having anti-aging elixirs in your arsenal will have your clients coming back on a regular basis as they see and feel the difference your products make. If you truly want to set your brand apart, you won’t want to miss out on this module.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How anti-aging elixirs work and the amazing results it produces on your skin which woman desire.
  • Why using this elixir is a great way to set your brand apart and increase your client base.
  • How to properly apply an anti-aging elixir.

Module 8: Radiance Elixirs

Discover how these can add extra glow, even out complexions and extend the life of your clients’ spray tan. A natural, summery looking shade is one thing, but one that allows your clients to have that red-carpet glow day after day will give your business an edge. Like we said, not all tans are created equal – and this is where you’ll learn the skills you need to create a perfect custom blend that your clients can’t wait to show off.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of radiance elixirs.
  • How radiance elixirs work.
  • Why this fabulous secret weapon takes an average tanning experience over the top.
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Healthy tan

More and more people are choosing to indulge in the benefits of investing in quality luxury services, services that make them look as fantastic as they feel. This course presents a great opportunity to seamlessly take advantage of the luxury market’s growing popularity and establish yourself as a luxury service provider. Building your reputation in this market can result in high-quality leads and a reliable sales base, which will only continue to grow, as you develop into the high-powered beauty professional you were meant to be.

Many of our professionals who have successfully taken the Tan Beautiful Luxury Organic Bronzing Course tell us that these skills have not only helped them in running their beauty business and connecting with clients, but in their personal lives too. Gaining the confidence to sell high-end packages, to know what your skills are worth and to make meaningful connections with prospective clients are all things that will help you gain confidence in your interpersonal relationships as well. Come see why this is more than just a certification course, it’s a lifestyle course.

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So, what can becoming a certified Tan Beautiful Bronzer do for you and your lifestyle?

Imagine waking up leisurely, in a location of your choice, whether it’s a beach-front cottage, a high-energy urban city or a quiet neighbourhood that overlooks a ravine.  The location-independent nature of this business will allow you to offer services, no matter where you’re based. This means you’ll be free to live, work and play wherever you need to.

You brew your morning coffee as you overlook a view from your balcony that inspires and awakens you. You think about how less than a year ago you were still dreaming about all of this; wanting to take your work to the next level, work with upscale products and build the skills to deliver an unmatched service to your loyal client base. You wanted to push yourself and find out what you and your business were truly capable of, but weren’t sure where to start. You’re amazed at how far you’ve come in such a short time, both personally and professionally and you’re excited about what the future holds.

Imagine opening up your laptop to a fully-booked schedule that’s organized around your ideal working hours, leaving you as much time as you need to travel, spend time with your friends & family, and indulge in the self-care you need to thrive as a businesswoman.

Imagine waking up in the morning truly motivated to start your workday, knowing you’re about to rock one of the most fundamental tasks imaginable; consistently making your clients look and feel their best like only you can.

Imagine cultivating meaningful relationships with your client base, gaining a reputation as an artisan of the spray tan, and having those clients travel far and wide to see you.

Imagine knowing you have one advantage that many professionals in your region don’t: a truly high-end product that not only delivers unparalleled results, but is 100% organic and vegan.

It doesn’t have to be a dream! You can meet all your goals and more by investing in your business with our Tan Beautiful Luxury Bronzing Certification. Think if it as just the start of a meaningful and fulfilling journey to develop yourself as the high-end professional you always knew you were meant to be.

If you’re ready to take your services to the next level and truly immerse yourself in a life of beauty, luxury and meaningful work, save your space in an upcoming course today.

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When you’re certified by Tan Beautiful, here’s what you can expect from our product line:

All tan solutions are not equal, and we’ve all seen evidence of this. Say goodbye to artificial orange shades, sticky solutions and unpleasant odours. Our Tan Beautiful solutions are 100% vegan and organic, so you’re not only providing your clients with a sultry, natural-looking glow, but with a luxury organic experience that you both can feel good about. We believe strongly in a natural approach to beauty, which is why our solutions are completely free from synthetic colours, parabens, alcohol and animal products.

Many mainstream solutions contain preservatives and chemicals, which can dry, irritate or damage skin, not to mention give off those synthetic-looking shades that scare so many people away from budget spray tans. 

Free of these harsh additives, Tan Beautiful products create a natural-looking glow because they’re made from truly natural products. Our solutions hydrate the skin intensively and lock in moisture, resulting in soft, supple skin that keeps its tan for an extended period of time, so your clients can rock that sun-kissed look while nourishing their skin at the same time.

Our chemical-free solutions also mean no nasty or artificial odours, so you can work in a pleasant environment without the worry of toxins, chemicals, stains or unpleasant fumes lingering in your workspace.

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The course isn’t just an education – it’s a foundation for your business

Here's what you get

View Course & Supplies

Tan Beautiful Organic Spray Tan Course

Learn how to use the Tan Beautiful Organic Bronzing system, establish yourself as a luxury service provider, build your client base, and create the life you've dreamed of.

Official Licensed Certification

The Tan Beautiful Organic Bronzing System certification is the first step in establishing trust with your clients, offering proof positive of your expertise.

Tan Beautiful Luxury Spray Tan Machine

Easily work at home, mobile, or in any spa setting, with the elegant, multi-tasking, and functional spray gun, featuring a sleek chrome trim and an ergonomic handle.

Learn More

Technical design refinement meets simple use and unparalleled performance in the Tan Beautiful Complete Spray Tanning System. Thoughtfully-designed to be the backbone of your luxury tanning business, this upscale system consists of an integrated control dial, high-performance turbine and professional spray tan gun with a quick connect hose; almost everything you need in one sleek and compact package.

Your supplies should be as luxurious, durable and multi-tasking as you are. That’s why you need a reliable and affordable machine, bringing a new standard to spray tanning systems. Easily work at home, mobile, or in any spa setting, the elegant and functional spray gun features sleek chrome trim and an ergonomic handle.

The gun features an easy one-button system, which makes it simple and efficient to use. A fine 8 mm metal alloy needle and air cap means it’s equally capable of full or subtle coverage with fewer clogs and a long service life.

An adjustable fluid cup makes for easy solution measurement, while an ultra- durable hose connects seamlessly to your primary tanning system.

The Tan Beautiful machine is built with proprietary technology that allows you to choose from a vast range of spray styles from wide to fine thanks to the easy-to-use fluid control knob. Adjustable spray pattern control makes it easy to choose either horizontal or vertical fan patterns for efficient tan application, plus a round spray pattern, which gives you subtle options for contouring and highlighting. Contemporary features like this allow you take your customization to the next level, providing truly personalized, luxurious, and expert results for all your clients.

Powering up takes a simple turn of the dial, while a high-efficiency, electric motor consumes less energy than a conventional model. This motor also allows for optimal air flow, which makes your spray tanning more efficient and effective, producing top, streak-free results.

The high-efficiency motor is also lightweight and quiet, making it a discreet option that is equally valuable in any permanent setting as it is for the mobile beauty specialist on the go. Ultra compact with quick-connect fittings, this is one of the most versatile, practical and chic models on the market.

The Tan Beautiful Complete Spray Tanning System features a removable, washable air filter, which ensures clean-air intake and helps keep your system free of clogs and blockages. A built-in heat function allows your clients to be comfortable in any environment, while rubber-coated feet prevent scratches on yours or your clients’ flooring.

This complete system also comes with a durable hose, quick-connect fittings and a matching high-performance spray tan gun. Sleek and ergonomically-designed, the spray tan gun features an adjustable fluid control knob and an adjustable spray pattern control.

Functional and sophisticated, this is the perfect complete spray tan system for the luxury tanning specialist.

Tan Beautiful Pop-up Tent

Spacious, durable and easy to store, our tents are made from a high-quality, bacterial resistant canvas that combats wear and tear and holds shape beautifully.

Learn More

Make your luxury business truly mobile with the Tan Beautiful Pop-Up Tanning Tent. Spacious, durable and easy to store, our tents are made from a high-quality, bacterial resistant canvas that combats wear and tear and holds shape beautifully.

Limited space? No problem. Traveling? You’ve got this. The pop-up tent can be assembled and taken down in just minutes and comes with an oversized carrying back with reinforced straps for optimum portability and easy storage.

Thanks to a high-gauge, spring-loaded steel frame, it’s easily one of the strongest on the market, while still being flexible, attractive, and easy to manoeuvre.

A dark onyx colour cleverly camouflages stains and overspray, and looks chic and professional. Its’ transparent top allows for optimal natural light, which makes it easy for you to evaluate your client’s skin tone and see your work in action.

The Tan Beautiful Pop-Up Tanning Tent also features a waterproof base that protects flooring, while catching overspray or extra solution. Just wipe down after use and you’re good to go. The top of the tent cleverly incorporates a square-shaped opening for an overspray extraction fan, should you opt to use one.

Arguably one of the most spacious tanning tents available, it measures 7-feet x 4-feet x 4-feet, allowing generous room for both your male and female clients. A breeze to use, store and transport, this is one item you’ll find indispensable in your arsenal of luxury tools

Light, Medium, and Dark Solution

This advanced formulation provides an instant bronze glow with just one application by interacting with the skin’s natural melanin, ensuring a natural finish.

Learn More

Tan Beautiful Organic Bronzing Solution provides an instant bronze glow with just one application. This is an advanced formulation that interacts with the skin’s natural melanin to ensure the final result adapts to the natural skin tone beautifully. For a gorgeous, natural looking tan. For professional use only.

1L/33.8 oz

10 Pairs of Sticky Feet

Our single-use, memory-foam-based “sticky feet" easily adhere to the sole with hypoallergenic adhesive to protect the foot from absorbing excess tanning solution.

Learn More

Our single-use, signature “sticky feet” protect the sole of the foot from absorbing excess tanning solution. Constructed from memory foam, they easily adhere to the sole with a hypoallergenic adhesive that is gentle on the skin, yet durable. When finished, simply peel off and recycle.

A must for the luxury beauty specialist, our Tan Beautiful Sticky Feet are also great for pedicures, spas and pool environments.

10 Hair Nets

Our single-use hair nets are designed to offer full coverage protection for hair and scalp, while keeping the hairline looking natural.

10 Pairs of Disposable Undies

Offer discretion and minimize tan lines while protecting your clients' clothes.

Bonus Offer

As an exclusive bonus for course attendees, you'll also receive the following items to use for your clients or sell as a retailer.

1 Shimmer Souffle

This natural, mineral-infused moisturizer delivers luminous, shimmering highlights while extending the life of your Tan Beautiful Organic Bronzing Treatment.

Learn More

This natural, mineral-infused moisturizer delivers luminous, shimmering highlights. Perfect for an everyday touch of glamour or a special occasion, you will love the radiant glow this luxurious moisturizer imparts while extending the life of your Tan Beautiful Organic Bronzing treatment. Shea Butter, Jojoba, and Sunflower Seed Oil smooth and hydrate so skin feels as good as it looks!

1 Mocha Scrub

Perfect prior to a Tan Beautiful Organic Bronzing treatment, our blend of real coffee and rich oils evenly slough away dead skin cells and stimulate circulation.

Learn More

A luxurious blend of real coffee and rich oils combine in this exfoliating body scrub. Natural ingredients evenly slough away dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. A chocolatey espresso treat that delights the senses without overdoing it. Perfect for use prior to a Tan Beautiful Organic Bronzing treatment or as an everyday indulgence.

1 Coconut Cream Lip Brûleé

Protect & soften lips while enjoying the subtle scent of coconut cream with our cruelty-free, certified organic lip brûleé.


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